YK Photography | Diving in Indonesia | Day 2

Diving in Indonesia | Day 2

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Here are some snapshots from the second day.

Our second day on the Arenui, the boutique liveaboard, started at 6:30 in the morning with a short breakfast, the briefing and finally at 8 o'clock our first dive in the area of Pantar Strait. The dive site for the first and second dive is called Tanjung Yan Village and is situated in front of Pura Island.

First we dived with the macro lens, like the day before, to get some good pictures of the small creatures down there. When I go through the photos of this dive I have to say that some of the creatures look like being around their own houses. As you can see in the first picture!

EXIF: Sony SLT-A99V | 105mm | ISO 100 | 1/160s | f/9,0 | Strobes

I'm not sure if the creature is called a Goby but he does look like he just woke up and is checking out the weather (water) conditions. It was 8:22am when I captured this and he was curios and looked at us for a short time before he went back in hiding.

Below are 2 more early morning snapshots of some interesting fishes. EXIF: Sony SLT-A99V | 105mm | ISO 100 | 1/160s | f/9,0 | Strobes EXIF: Sony SLT-A99V | 105mm | ISO 100 | 1/160s | f/9,0 | Strobes

And for some diversity, here's a soft coral. EXIF: Sony SLT-A99V | ISO 100 | 1/160s | f/9,0 | Strobes

In the second dive, which was at the same dive site, I went diving with a wide angle lens for the very first time. And with wide-angle I mean a fast 16 to 35 mm zoom lens without the possibility to zoom because I didn't get the zoom ring in time. However, I had huge problems with the correct use of available light and the strobes. In fact the difference between macro and wide-angle is even bigger in underwater photography than I've expected. So it wasn't a very relaxed dive for me and in the end I had a bunch of useless photos. Well not totally useless, at least I learned something through my failed photos and got some good advises from underwater photographers with more experience. And here's the only photo which is good enough to show you. EXIF: Sony SLT-A99V | 16mm | ISO 200 | 1/100s | f/5,6 | one strobe from below

Afterward the boat started the engine and we travelled to our next dive site called Cave Point, same area but another Reef, around Reta Island. And this time I went for my fisheye lens, which allows you to get closer to the subject. Due to the bigger angle of view it was a new challenge again.

Although I had the fisheye only for approximately half a month I managed to get better results than with the normal wide-angle and I consider that diving with a fisheye is real fun.

EXIF: Sony SLT-A99V | 16mm Fisheye | ISO 200 | 1/250s | f/11,0 | Strobes EXIF: Sony SLT-A99V | 16mm Fisheye | ISO 200 | 1/250s | f/11,0 | Strobes

So that’s all from the second day on which I’ve learned a lot about underwater photography. The strobes are one of the most important creative tools below sea level but you have to understand the link between the strobes, shutter speed, aperture and ISO.

In my next blog-post I will write something about the trip in generally which includes the Kelimutu Volcano, Alor and the Arenui itself.


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